Our Story

There are frustratingly few options for nude lingerie. Buff You Intimates is here to change that.

Are you Buff enough?

We're Rae and Alex, and not long ago, we faced a common conundrum: find nude bras to match our complexions. After trudging through a maze of three department stores, four retailers, and even a few back-alley vendors, Rae, with golden brown skin, came up empty handed, while Alex found plenty of light beige bras to match her fair skin. It was clear that retailers and manufacturers had a close-minded, "one nude fits all" mentality. Never women to back down from a challenge, we decided to found Buff You Intimates--a modern lingerie line that provides nude tones for women of all colors.

We’ve all thrown on that sheer top while running out the door only to realize halfway into our commute that our bra is making a statement of its own, and it’s not “company president” or “tenure track.” Nude undergarments are the professional woman’s hidden armor, giving us an invisible boost of confidence that will carry us through the day and into the night. The right bra can make or break a look, whether it’s crisp and qualified for the office or sleek and sexy for our best friend’s birthday bash.

At Buff You Intimates, we strive to provide the best selection of nude bras and underwear to match your own beautiful shade. Our business was founded in response to a very real need amongst our circle of educated, diverse, and ambitious friends. With careers in areas from finance to fine arts, we know that our appearance matters, and we want our personalities to show through—not our underwear.

To be Buff is to be empowered.  To be Buff is to shine.  To be Buff is to be strong.  And to be Buff is to bare it all. So we ask: Are you Buff enough?